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Department of Botany staff comprises 1 full professor, 3 associate professors and 2 research assistants. Our department has a fully equipped student lab. for undergraduate practice studies and several research labs, epuipped with modern instruments, where MSc., PhD. and postdoc studies are carried out. In addition to research labs., a Herbarium registered to International Herbarium Index (Index Herbariourum) under the code “MUFE” and comprising about 10000 plant samples is also serving the researchers. The main research topics carried out in our department are; plant sociology, flora studies, plant secondary metabolites, plant ecology, plant-soil interactions, plant biotechnology, lichen studies, plant tissue culture and gene transfer.

Courses offered for MSc. and PhD. studies are:

Botany Terminology
Vegetation Ecology
Applied Micropropagation in Plants
Plant-Heavy Metal Interactions
Mineral Nutrition Physiology in Plants
Biomonitor Organisms
Development and Stress Physiology in Plants
Physiological and Biochemical Organisation in Plants
Plant Stress Physiology
Experimental and Statistical Methods in Plant Physiology
Principles of Plant Taxonomy
Air quality and Biomonitoring
Lichen Biology
Plant Collection and Storing Methods
Microchemical Methods in Lichenology
Identification and Research Methods in Lichenology
Pollution Ecology
Urban Ecology
Gene Transfer Methods in Plants


Department of Botany Student Lab.


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