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Department of Biology, being active since the first years of Science & Arts Faculty, started education in 96-97 educational year after the installation of the building and labs. Department of Biology has undergraduate and graduate programmes, in the exceptional field of Biology, in accordance with national demands and needs.   

Main objective of the department is to raise "Biologists, MSc. Biologists, PhD. Biologists", as well as conducting researches in recently important fields such as, Environmental Issues, Gene Technology, Tissue Culture and contribute to the solution of problems concerning the community through research. 

Our department adopted the "Credit System" along with other departments of the fauclty by the year 2004-2005. Head of Biology Department was Prof. Dr. Belma Derman SEMİZ since the foundation of our department until the year 2003. This duty was carried out by Prof. Dr. Meral Ünal between 2003-2016.  Prof. Dr. Nagihan Gülsoy is the current head of department since 2017. 

Main goal of our department includes raising sophisticated, creative, sharing, enterprising, high quality graduates with up to date and extensive knowledge, leadership virtue and skills, respect for community and environment and be able to conduct researches in international grade and quality.

In accordance with this aim, we are conducting basic and theoretical practices following advancements and trends in world of science and technology, providing knowledge through productive and practical research compatible with national facts and needs, and providing researchers and practitioners with solid scientific and technical background.  

Our main goal is to become a pioneer, eminent, world wide known department, serving the nations progress, performing international level research and educational activities.  

To contribute to this approach, our primary vision is to determine the organization and strategies to reach our objectives, by constant renovation.  By direct and indirect support in University-Industry and University-Graduate cooperation and by participating in international projects, opportunities will be offered to academics and young researchers in using their knowledge, especially in our country's preferred research fields.         

Undergraduate program capacity (quota) according to years, highest and lowest points

Our department was second in terms of placement scores from "Undergraduate Placement Examination" after METU Biology in 2012-13. Also our department accepted undergraduate students for Evening education programme with the highest scores in Turkey. Below is a table of undergraduate acceptance scores according to years. 

  2012-13 2011-12 2010-11 2009-2010
  Lowest Highest Quota Lowest Highest Quota Lowest Quota Lowest Quota
Biology  266,827 382,671 77 323,442 389,928 72 355,319 72 288,141 67
Biology (Evening) 238,812 294,107 77 296,602 366,281 72 327,209 72 274,924 67


Head of Department: Prof. Dr. Nagihan GÜLSOY


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ECTS credits for undergraduate courses in our department and course contents

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Graduate programme in our department

For detailed information about graduate programme you can visit Institute of Pure and Applied Sciences web site. 
Institute of Pure and Applied Sciences "Biology Programme information: Biology Programme

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