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There are 1 professor and 3 research assistants the Department of Zoology. Multifaceted research such as Animal Physiology and Biochemistry, Animal Ecophysiology, Entomology, Biological control, Systematic Zoology and Biodiversity, Limnology, Ecology, Aquatic Ecosystems and cloning,  recombinant production, purification and biochemical analysis of various proteins that have industrial significance or can be used in drug production, computer-aided design of three-dimensional structures of proteins, in vitro and computer-aided analysis of interactions of protein-drug and protein-protein, molecular examining of cell-drug and cell-nanosubstances using cell culture method are carried out by the researchers in the department of Zoology.


Animal Morphology and Systematics I (Invertebrate Animals),  Animal Morphology and Systematics I (Invertebrate Animals) Laboratory, Animal Anatomy, Animal Anatomy Laboratory, Animal Morphology and Systematics II (Vertebrate Animals), Animal Morphology and Systematics II (Vertebrate Animals) Laboratory,  Histology, Histology Laboratory, Animal Embryology, Animal Embryology Laboratory, Animal Physiology, Animal Physiology Laboratory, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Zoogeography, Endocrinology, Toxicology, Entomology as undergraduate courses and Gerontology, Biological Control, Marine Pollution, Cell Physiology, Cytological and Embryological Research Methods, Histological Methods, Physiological Endocrinology, Nutrition Physiology, Molecular Toxicology as a BSc/PhD courses are offered by the department.

General Zoology Student Lab.

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