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Department of Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology department has been established by Prof. Dr. Ahmet Zehir in 1983. In our department 2 professors, 1 associate professor and 2 research assistants conduct teaching and research activities in both undergraduate and graduate level.

The undergraduate students of the biology department, in addition to the lectures they attend in other parts of this department, they also have to take the following lectures given in the department of the molecular biology. These lectures are the first and second terms of the Biochemistry, Genetics, Molecular Biology and their laboratories. In this department they should also attend the lecture of Evolution, Genetic Engineering, Genomic and Proteomic, Human Genetics and that of the Immunogenetics.  

The Molecular Biology department has a postgraduate study program. Students of the postgraduate studies are likely to attend some of the post Graduate lectures carried out by the scientific staff of Molecular Biology department. These postgraduate lectures can be listed as Methods for Protein Analysis, Purification and Separation Techniques for Biomolecules, Molecular Biology of Cancer, Biological Terms and Applied English I-II, Current Methods in Molecular Biology, Molecular Cell Biology II, Plant Tissue Cultures, Techniques for Writing Thesis and Articles, Plant Biotechnology, Stem Cell Biology, Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology I-II, Current Issues in Metabolomics, Research Fields For Cell  And Tissue Cultures, Genetic Markers and Analysis Methods.

Research within Molecular Biology Department consists of Molecular Biology Research, Molecular Metabolism Research and Plant Biotechnology Laboratory. Research activities carried out in Molecular Biology Department are equivalent to international advanced research. Plant biotechnology, genetic engineering, gene expression profiling and pharmacogenomics projects are carried out in cooperation with government institutions, industry and collaboration with other universities in Turkey and abroad.  In Molecular Metabolism Research Laboratory;  identification of genes responsible for metabolic disease (cardiovascular, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, obesity), gene expression profiling, determining the molecular and cellular effects of drugs used for obesity and T2DM therapy by using model system created by adipocyte and hepatocyte cell lines. In Plant Biotechnology Research Laboratory; development of plant tissue culture systems for different species and molecular marker assisted selection studies are performed. Additionally, genotoxic damage and its repair in different organisms are measured by using advanced molecular techniques. The effects of nanoparticles are evaluated in plant and human in-vitro cell culture systems.

In addition to theoretical and laboratory applications, students are also involved in the projects carried out within the molecular biology department.

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